cake boss.


for my friend’s birthday i made her a birthday cake of some of the things she enjoys, glee, phantom of the opera and cats. at first i thought this task would be easy, but after a little contemplation i came to the realisation that i was no cake boss and i feared that i had gotten in too deep. i went to the shops and bought the ingredients, made the cake and then set off on the icing adventure.. and you wouldn’t believe it but it was quite easy. i would recommend anyone to make your own cake instead of paying excessive amounts for someone else to make it. and mine turned out to be more delicious than a bought cake.


haute mess.


behind the scenes of vogue italia’s march 2012 cover story ‘haute mess’ shot by steven meisel, featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw, Coco Rocha, Daphne Groeneveld, Guinevere van Seenus, Jessica Stam, Joan Smalls, Karen Elson and Lindsey Wixon.

full rack vs me.

i have been wanting to take on the full rack of ribs at hurricanes for a while now.. slowly climbing my way there with half racks. and i am proud to say that i challenged the full rack and i won. surprisingly i wasn’t as full as one would think. there was some room for dessert but i wasn’t about to push the limits of my stomach. and if you’re ever looking for a place for ribs in sydney, hurricanes is the place to go. they also have good steak, yummy bread and their mushroom side is also nice. if you’re looking for something quick and cheap i would get their burgers from their express menu (in bondi, next to the restaurant). a junior burger is usually enough for one person with a regular appetite.

here is some photo evidence for the non-believers.20120314-114847.jpg

the full rack before i demolished it.


the full rack after i demolished it. :)

20120314-114909.jpgand a terrible, yet awesome and cheesy photo of me and my everest. grubby and happy from a food high. and yes, i ate the side of chips too.

the tale of the flopsy bunny.

this is my flopsy bunny lenny aka mental lentil. she’s the craziest bunny you will ever meet and this is the story of her many adventures.
this is the photo of her first day with us, she’s only six weeks old here and we thought she was a boy. after this photo she proceeded to poop and pee all over the bed and now it is her go to when she can’t find her litter tray, or when she’s too lazy to go to it. we then left her in the box we got her in while we ate dinner.. when we returned to play with her she had disappeared. she had jumped out of the box and scurried under the bed. we soon found out that she enjoys taking risks and jumps from high places. this photo was for her first play date at a friend’s house, where she became the mexican lennita. this is the day we found out she was a girl.this was the day after the final harry potter movie came out and she became lenny potter. expelliarmus. accio beans (she loves chewing on beans. she just uses her two front teeth and naws away.. ridikulusly cute. num.)
along with being cute and playful, she doubles up as a toupée. for convenient transport, she likes to hop into my pockets.lenny’s always up for a good snuggle. if you’re lying down she’ll come and jump up and proceed to sit on your chest for hours. and she might even tickle you with some nuzzling or licking, where her tongue flickers from one side of her teeth to the other.
i couldn’t resist tying ribbons around her neck, and if the ribbon was long enough i would use it as a leash. lenny hates her leash though. she enjoys her freedom. there has been many times she has escaped our clutches to run in the backyard. even to the neighbour’s backyard where she’ll play hide and go seek. catch her if you can. but once she gets bored of playing, she’ll happily return to your side, look up sweetly and wait for you to pick her up to go snuggle.

one day i was walking home and found her in the front yard, near the road, of our neighbours two doors down. i have no idea how she escaped but there she was cleaning her ears while i had to take a second look before i realised it was her. luckily she wasn’t in a playful mood so i picked her up, went home and gave her a bath. this was the day i found her with a limp arm. i was so upset and worried for her, i took her straight to the vet where i found out that she must have jumped and landed on it badly in her cage when i was out. there’s not much you can do in that situation, sometimes it can heal and sometimes it doesn’t. lenny never got the use of her right paw but that didn’t stop her adventures. she could still jump everywhere, run as fast as she could to evade us. she somehow knows when it’s time to go in her cage and she’ll run. she’ll run a bit and then she’ll sit down in an awkward spot where you can’t quite reach her and then once you figure out how to, she’ll run again. until you recruit two more people and corner her. she’s a tricky one.

lenny is the flopsiest bunny ever. if she gets tired or hot, she’ll just go to find a spot and flop. lenny playing dead. sometimes you can pat her or lay her down and she’ll get into a trance and just sit still or fall asleep in the weirdest position.lenny loves eating mangoes.. and anything else she decides she wants. the strangest being jerky, there i was watching tv and eating my jerky when she jumped on my lap and tried to climb her way to my chest with her tongue out, sniffing the jerky. i didn’t give her any but she often does this with meat. such a strange and awesome bunny. you can see her flickering tongue in the video and when she cleans. so cute.


i stumbled across messina one night when i was eating around victoria street in darlinghurst and i have never looked back. messina’s has the best gelato i have ever tasted. though i have never been to italy but i have no doubt that messina’s is the same, if not better? my favourite of their flavours is pandan coconut. i can’t go past it. but very now and again i venture away from my pandan and try their specials. there are new specials every week and they range from the most obscure flavours, like wasabi peas, to delicious combos of chocolates, peanut butter, biscuits, nutella and sometimes some with alcohol. deeeeeeelicious.

apart from having a huge selection of gelato and sorbet they have gelato desserts. the other day i popped in to check out their new dessert shop next door and walked out with three ‘monoprozione’ – mini desserts.the menu board.action shot of some desserts being made.
the display fridge of the gelato cakes.
the monoproziones
the ‘mini-me’ is so fun and delicious. i didn’t know how to begin eating this but i finally just dug in. the green popping candy grass was the best.
the ‘royal w’ cheese’ so many surprises with this one. the cucumber is actually cucumber, who would have thought!the ‘samurai’ i liked the look of this one and the flavours really complimented it. the yuzu sorbet was a bit tart like lemon sorbet. but it went well with the smooth chocolate exterior and salted caramel middle.

fashion girls.


photos of the decor of the grand palais turned indian banquet for the chanel métiers d’art show. i wanted to separate these photos from those of the clothes because they deserve a post of their own.